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  Softening agents for rubbers
  ·Vegetable oils
    Pine tar
  LXOdorless pine tar
    Odorless pine tar
    White factice
    Black factice
  ·Petroleum series
    Arene oil
    Rubber filling oil
    Liquid coumarone
    SMY rubber softener
    LG rubber softener
  Rubber reclaiming agents
  ·Softening agents
    Pine tar
    Coumarone tar
    Crude tall oil
    Coal tar
    Rubber Activator 420
    High efficiency activator
  Rubber Tackified Resins
  Terpene resin
  Hydrogenated rosin
  Coumarone tar
  Tackified Resin for Rubbers
  Softening agent of light-colour rubber
  Customers products
  Reclaimed rubber
  Butyronitrile reclaimed rubber
  Butyl reclaimed rubber
  White reclaimed rubber
  Latex reclaimed rubber
  Other products
  Anti-oxidant T2.6.4
  Feature products
  LXOdorless pine tar
  Odorless pine tar



About us

Our company is Shanghai Rubber Chemical Co., Ltd., specializing in the development and application of rubber softener, recycling agent, have a product R & D center and rich resources of the production base, annual supply all kinds of high-quality softener 5 more than 1000 tons, products in recent years Xiexing brand professional in the industry welcomes by the user also, in the international market enjoys a high reputation.

Company is located in 320 National Road in Shanghai city of Songpu bridge south, adjacent to the city logistics network, has the perfect storage facilities and special railway lines, a plurality of marketing network in China, can provide convenient delivery service to customers.

Companies adhere to the people-oriented, science and technology enterprises, to pragmatic solidarity, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise, to provide good service delivery and product upgrading opportunities for customers. In 2002 Si Rongsheng China Rubber Industry Association of reclaimed rubber branch of the governing unit, also recommended as the main members of reclaimed rubber additives supply company.

Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and give guidance, work together, create brilliant tomorrow!








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