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Arene oil

1. Manufacturing method

Rectified at oil refinery from materials containing much arene

2. Performance and use

1 . It is black oily liquid .

2 . Good compatability with rubber, can improve the processability of rubber.

3 . As softening agent in the processing of rubbers. .

3. Product standard

Item Quality index Test method
AS-1 AS-2
Density ( 20°C, g/cm 3 ) 1.01~1.12 GB/T1884
Freezing point°C <20 <30 GB/T510
flash point (mouth-opened),°C <180 GB/T267
Kinematic viscosity ( 100 °C), mm 2 /s 8~14 14~18 GB/T11137
Ash content, % <0.1 GB/T260
Arene content, % > 80 Q/SHAG02.19-2000 Appendix. A

4. Packing and storage

1 . According to SH in packing, labeling, storage and tranporting.

2 . It is non-inflammable and non-explosive goods, low toxic.






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